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Monday, May 21, 2012

Photo Walk

I did some photo walking around our house and in the backyard, and this are what I just found. With my 14.0MP Canon digital camera with me I took this amazing (okay, not really that amazing) subjects and as a practice for my Photography hobby. What I loved about doing this photo-shoot is the fact that I enjoy myself doing some photographing with these rare things. I would definitely encourage my friends who love photography as well to take a Photo walk sessions with me. But sad to say, my camera is not that good, I really want to have a professional camera that will level up my skills in Photography (level-up talaga? haha). By the way, I just joined the last 40th Architecture Week (Photography and Videography Contest Category) held in Adamson State University last December but unfortunately lost the competition hehe. Enjoy the photos.!!

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