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Friday, June 29, 2012

A Life of a “CAFA” Student


                   This video presentations is for Tarlac State University, College of Architecture and Fine Arts 2012 Freshmen Orientation , it’s been our eagerness to make an audio video presentation for freshmen for them to understand the real story of being an Architecture and Fine Arts student and to leave a legacy as well. We asked our fellow “CAFA-milyas” why B.S Architecture and Fine Arts as their chosen course , some said “Naubusan na ng slot sa ibang college” (which is definitely true, if your first and second choice course were out of slot and not accepting enrollees definitely they’ll encourage you to take B.S Architecture or B.S Fine Arts   rather,) This year, about 200 freshmen Architecture students were enrolled at CAFA a major history (I thought)because during our time we‘re only hundreds but to face the reality, only few will survive as our professors says “matira matibay” , other major reasons are “it’s my fathers choice” (well that was my reason before but now I embraced Architecture with open heart), some says  “it’s my childhood dream” well we hope they fulfill their dream..

Moving on, here is the video I’m talking about, please give spare time to watched  with open eyes. LOL enjoy!!

Why B.S in Architecture and B.S in Fine Arts?
And here is second video that showcases “Buhay CAFA” in a musical and dramatic way, hahaha. Credits to my friends, classmates and fellow CAFA-MILYAS for giving their valued time to take some shots and hot seat interviews. The videos aren’t that perfect but the craziness and the honesty of the video are incomparable.
A CAFA Life…


       We, my friends were collaborating for a film about a life of an Arki student, hope it will be release some time this year…“CHERRRIIIIIII!!”

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