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Friday, July 22, 2011

CAFA Planking In Action

 I know you must be familiar with the talk of the town and the universe with the word PLANKING, well if your not this would explain;

    • Plank (exercise), an exercise involving holding a position
    • Planking, also known as the "Lying down game", which involves lying face down with arms to the sides in unusual public spaces
    • a type flooring, made from planks
    • wood plank surface (such as a floor, or wall, or roof)

    Apparently there is a craze in CAFA San Idiro Campus! When I introduced"PLANKING or should i say  OWLING" my friends got hooked into it.  They tried there best to take the BEST shot they can, but unfortunately they Failed! (Let's give them a chance (first time).

    Now and then, Today and Tomorrow, they never pass a day without doing this crazy art thing!.

    We look for a better background, better place. More dangerous,The better. LOL

    Accidentally i got a snapshot which  lead me to many conclusion, the photo at the left side is non-photoshoped!, we ask our classmate to take a walk going up stair (a scripted one) to make it more convincing. KATAKOT!

    Nix!, make it more convincing. LOL
    Your hands should be lay down.

    You can do this on a horizontal or even a slanting position for a different effect.

                                   Haha. Whatta extra!.

    So, It seems that you should know about "PLANKING/OWLING", expect more action thrilled planking. So if you saw us planking in CAFA, don't think that we're crazy were just having FUN!



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