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Monday, July 18, 2011

Extend Yourself and Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab

Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab
Get a Chance to Win a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab with iWrite! iCecon! iHelp! iWin!
1.    Write about how having a good health allows you or someone you know to extend help to others. (Maximum of 500 words).
2.    To join the writing contest for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab (or its equivalent), you must first have a valid promo code, which you can acquire by purchasing a box of Ascorbic Acid Cecon 500mg 15s labeled with iCecon! iHelp! iWin! Sticker scratch card.
3.    After registering in the website and inputting the promo code and store name, you can post your story on the space provided. Upload of entries is open from June 1 – August 31, 2011.
4.    You will be immediately notified if your upload is successful by being directed to the blog page. You are encouraged to “like” your entry and “share” it with your friends so they can “like” it as well.
5.    The entry that is chosen by the judges as winner will win a brand new Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 or its equivalent.
i.    Relevancy to Extending One's Self - 50%
ii.    Clarity of Message – 25%
iii.    Composition/Arrangement - 25%
6.    Entry with the highest number of likes will win a Nokia C3 phone or its equivalent.
Per DOH-FDA Permit No. 005 series of 2011

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