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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NOKIA “re-Connecting People”

Here are “somememorable experiences with  NOKIA phone. TRULY Connecting People.

Love ones Abroad..

Years ago, when I was very young I really know the importance of communication, it made me realized that in a family there should be communication all the way. I still remember when my Aunt work abroad (Israel) she doesn’t stopped sending us telegrams and voice tapes since we don’t have mobile and telephones that time.
My eyes almost cry every single word of her letters, telling us what she ate, what she doing right now and how she manage and adjust her lifestyle. I feel the eagerness and the heartfelt of my Lola and my Mom whenever they’re reading her letters and listening to her voice when she is not feeling well telling us that nobody care for because the only Doctor is herself and her co-flatmates are very busy doing their works, I pity her so much.
Years later, mobile phones were introduced and we are lucky to have nokia-old-phonethis one (Not the actual phone). This was the medium we used for weekly conversations and I honestly say that it’s not enough for a long hour talk because of the cost usage of load. One of the hardest or should I say “saddest part” my aunty feel is when celebrating especial occasions  , Birth-days, Christmas and New Year.  She always celebrating alone with her co-flatmates who feels the same. But now, gone are the days of telegrams. Communication has made easy by world wide web, my aunt is now using her NOKIA E5 for online chatting and for online calling (nimbuzz, skype and the like).

Connected in Heaven..

nokia3310This may strange or weird but I honestly say it’s true. When my Lola died  years ago, the family found discuss about buying  a phone which will lay on her side a NOKIA 3310 upon his burial. Because of my Aunt’s painful mourning she thought that my Lola will call her as soon as she reached Heaven. How painful it was. Usually, the person died included in his coffin are his personal belongings. And it really proves that if you love someone you will never let her go.

First Love and Heart Break..

Back when I was a sophomore student during my high school days, I felt this feeling that I don’t feel when I was young. The feeling of in love yes the so called “puppy love”, “crush”!. I had a friend who always PuppyLovemade me laughed and I really thought that I have a little space in her heart, but I was very wrong, I  have hard time getting her attention and to know what I feel. SMS and CALLS are the bridges of our communication. Many sleepless night I suffered and battery charge I waited just  to make her see that I have feelings for her. But unlike other Fictional stories, our story ends with friendship. We separated and take our paths away from each other, she study in Manila and I were left in our town.
2 years later, we see each other through Facebook. Exchanged Mobile number and quite sometimes we exchanged sms messages.

This is my official entry in Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards (PEBA) 2011 - NOKIA Essay Writing Contest. Good luck folks!


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