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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Malware/Virus Hits CAFA



It’s like a wild fire……….


Sad to say we’re infected with this kind of malware turn to virus that cannot delete by any antiviruses. I used McAfee to scan and delete the malwares but it seems it’s very hard to delete.


See the name of the the malwares? if you’re  curios, you’ll be tempted to open it but it is nothing but a virus! OMG. THIS IS A SACRIFICE!!. I have to reformat my PC and say goodbye to my files, especially the movies, photos, videos and my arki files. oh what a mess. The said virus came after in San Isidro Yellow Cab; an internet shop. after my friend used my classmate flash drive to print their research. I know were not the only one who is affected. It’s better to reformat our pc’s than to harm others, I just found out that every flash drive we inserted in our affected pc’s, they will get those files and will never deleted and there files will be corrupted.

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