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Monday, July 18, 2011

Apple Ipod Shuffle and Pinoy Recipe.Net Shirts Giveaway

Hey guys! want some iPod shuffles? maybe out of the league but still it's a damn good gadget! 

(Contest is Open Worldwide, other country residents will receive their Apple Ipod Shuffle from Amazon.com)
Contest Mechanics: Please follow the Contest Mechanics and Contest Rules carefully to avoid disqualification of entries )
  • 1] Subscribe to PinoyRecipe Newsletter  Don’t forget to validate your email subscription. If you’re already an email subscriber ( If you are receiving a “Text Only” message Newsletter from us on your email you need to Re-Subscribe, we are now using a much better server that can handle large images ), please proceed tostep #2
  • 2] Become a fan of PinoyRecipe.net on Facebook  If you’re already an FB fan, please proceed to step #3
  • 3 ] Fill up the OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM here.    (  Step 1 & 3 = 6 entry points )


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