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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Night Crime

"Night Crime"

The night covered with blue full moon,

Blinking lights seek the unexpected person

Inebriant bubbles top the transparent bottle

Let the game begin and be on battle

Pricy vitamins let them flew away

To start a new in a cozy and cheap way

A pail of brew and cold yellow

Toasted chick and soya milk too

Head turns side by side

Wonder if there's a man behind

Beat like a drum till the dead of the night

Sleep is the comfort of the tiring heart

Heartwarming noise and non stop sound,

Light flash was the only evidence they can found

Fume rewards but it declined

Until the feeling was drowned

It was in no right, it defined

But just an eye opener to begun,

Facial response brought them to find

Invitations will never come

"First and last" the words it pronounced

"Maybe next time" if time will come,

Smile and nervous covered the mask

But it will be night that last for life.

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