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Monday, August 15, 2011

Remembering The Great Ninoy and Cory

Flirt maleToday (August 15, 2011) our school organization (UAPSA) held a field observation on “MUSEUM DESIGN” at The AQUINO MEMORIAL HALL, San Miguel Tarlac. The place is good, nice ambiance, quiet and peaceful. I find it more interesting to know the the lives of Benigno Simeon Aquino, Jr and Maria Corazon Sumulong Cojuangco-Aquino and how they struggle for freedom.

 IMG03519-20110815-1042  IMG03595-20110815-1201
Upon entering The Museum ….
Here are some  Artifacts you can see outside the Gallery.Nerd smile
IMG03539-20110815-1136         IMG03537-20110815-1135
We are not allowed to take photos inside the Gallery Hall but the photos and artifacts I saw will be in my mind forever.
What would you see inside the Gallery is all about  Ninoy and Cory’s documents during and after the Marcos Regime, EDSA People Power Revolution Photos, Political News, Room of Ninoy while he is in jail, Cory’s Paints, Diaries of Mr. and Mrs. Aquino and many more. My heart felt  and tears when I read some of Mr. Ninoy’s diary in request to attend in  Noynoy’s 16th Birthday. “It’s actually like reminiscing the past” when you are inside the Gallery Hall because you could actually see Face to face the famous typewriter and the camera (when he is journalist) diaries, bloody clothes of Ninoy when he is shot and the photos of his bloody body.
Ohhh, sayang talaga, kung pwede lang sana ma-picturan yung mga gamit at ma-share ko. Pero I follow the rules  na bawal kumuha ng mga litrato. Bisitahin nyo na lang. Rolling on the floor laughing
Now, I can say that I am proud Tarlaqueño!!
If you see more clarifications and wrong entry, kindly contact me so I can edit it,. Open-mouthed smile


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