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Monday, August 1, 2011

Facebook for BlackBerry Works Over Wi-Fi

Well I download it and I thought it works with GLOBE but unfortunately it doesn't, good thing our GLOBE 3G wi-fi Internet connections saves it.  The last time I download Facebook App for Blackberry in Blackberry App Store  it requires me to have BIS (whatever) from GLOBE, but well what do you expect from me, a student only with no job. hahaha. I can't support it to be honestly.

Then, One good night comes I just found out that I can do Facebook FREE but for a limited time (90 Days) to be exact,  I tried without wi-fi but it doesn't works then i turn on the wifi and booom it f***n works. Yeah I know im too exaggerate! well It's my very first time to use it then why not enjoy.. haha 

 Very fast access from News Feed to Photos!

Fast, reliable and real-time chat at it's BEST!! Haha

So what you're waiting for DOWNLOAD it now!

If you do have wi-fi at home or works this will surely help you!


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